Harmony Fellowship - Calendar & Event Tickets - Crestwood, MO
Harmony Fellowship - Harmonizing Mind, Body, Spirit
 Please join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.

Music, Message and Meditation
at The Garden of Life Spiritual Center
9525 Eddie and Park Rd.
Crestwood, MO  63126
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Sunday Talks and Musicians

July 7 - "Embracing Your Freedom" by Rev. Dana Winter
Music - John MacEnulty
July 14 - "Return to Sender" by Rev. Dana Winter
Music – Brian Clarke
July 21 - "Generating Happiness" by Rev. Dana Winter
Music - Salt of the Earth
July 28 - "Seeing Double" by Rev. Dana Winter
Music - Tim Mead & Bridgette Kossor


Theatre - Repeat Performance!
Friday, August 23 - Vince Rhomberg Original!
"Don't Shoot the Dick"
A tough-guy private eye goes on the run when he's fingered for murder!
All-You-Can-Eat Appetizer/Dessert Buffet & Play only $25!
Please bring an appetizer or dessert to share. BYOB
Doors open and food served at 6:30. Please drop-off dish by 6:20.
Play 7:15 - ? Seats can be reserved if paid in advance.
Contact Mark Weiss for reservations 314-580-0420

Sunday Fellowship
Your potluck contributions greatly appreciated!
Please set and pick up your Sunday potluck dishes before and after the service.  

HF Children
Children are always welcome.  If they get restless during the service the center is equipped with speakers so that the talk can be heard throughout the building.
There is a children’s room with books and toys on the lower level.
Feed My People
Food, small household items, personal hygiene, etc. can be dropped off 
in the bins provided in the main entry.