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Harmony Fellowship - Harmonizing Mind, Body, Spirit
 Please join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.

Music, Message and Meditation
at The Shrewsbury City Center 
5200 Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury, MO  63119
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Calendar Update
Harmony Fellowship Services on 
hold now through the end of April

Eat, Pray, Love
            So how does it feel to be in your own version of Eat, Pray, Love?  This shared experience is providing powerful lessons designed for each one of us. It has already served to reveal our fears and our reactions to the possibility of food and other shortages. Suddenly, we found our shelves empty as some scrambled to grab as much as they could.  Overnight, it seemed it was everyone for themselves. Luckily, most now seem to realize that our belief in lack causes us to act selfish and that our selfishness itself creates our shortages.  That has always been the case. Our fear of not having enough results in our hurting one another. Granted, others have been slow on the uptake of this lesson, and the food and other products will still need to be rationed.

            But all of us find ourselves sitting in relative isolation, a personal ashram so to speak, where the only requirement is that we lean into this present moment and listen for the sound of something speaking into our hearts and minds.  For some, this is excruciating.  None of us have been here before so our personalities aren’t really equipped to know what to do with this …not knowing.  Many are rooting around in their minds trying to find a box of memories hoping it will help them out of their discomfort. Understandably, most are trying to replace what was their “normal” with something else as soon as a construct begins to dissolve.

        But at the same time many, who fear that the world is spinning out of control, are turning within and discovering a loving voice, an inner teacher, speaking into their minds and hearts. Fear, it turns out, created a doorway for many to seek answers.  If so, then fear served its purpose. These individuals are discovering that they can receive guidance at any time and access the ability to calm their personalities down from the height of fear to a place of knowing that somehow this is leading all of us to our good.

      One by one, we are realizing that we need to love and care for one another because there is no “other.”  We are, and have always been, in this together.  But those words, “We are all in this together,” need to be broadcast around the world and whispered like a mantra, a universal prayer, until it enters our hearts.  We are all immersed in the lesson that what we do to others, good or bad, we do to ourselves.

     So, we are beginning to don our masks to protect, not ourselves, but one another. We are realizing that healthy boundaries, feelings of mutual love, respect, and support, for everyone are necessary for our own well-being. We are practicing gratitude for all the abundance in our lives and for those who are addressing our needs during this challenging time, while we recognize and donate our resources to others in need.  Many are also beginning to peek behind words like religion, patriotism and nationalism, and realize that they were often used to beat the drum, fear of others.  So now, we are being taught, collectively, that whenever fear arrives, we can use it as an invitation to go within.  We are learning how to calm our personalities, sit in the silence and let Love open our hearts wide enough to hold one another.

Building Blocks
      At any time, we are either blocking or allowing the essential self to fully express.  The essential self, the authentic self, is our intimately-connected-to-God self, our God-manifesting-as-us self.  I don’t think it is a coincidence that the terms essential and non-essential are being spoken every day in every way.  It is being broadcast in every form.  If the essential self, the God-within-us-self, was trying to broadcast, drop a heavy hint, give clear guidance, what would it look and sound like?

    I don’t refer to the Bible often but Mark 8:18 seems to provide a clue as to what is going on right now. We seem to be living in the questions, “Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And do you not remember?”

     Do you remember?  Take a moment right now to get quiet and ask yourself that question.  Do you remember who and what you really are outside the walls of fear built with invisible stories?

     If so, begin anew.
     Even though, we are not gathering collectively for our services, I am available to gather with you individually on my back patio or while we go for a walk in my nearby woods or in your backyard, on your porch, etc. during this time.  I am offering free counseling, walks, conversations, counseling, friendship, etc.to members of Harmony Fellowship. I also have 29 free self-quarantined copies of my book, You…God, Connecting the Dots, with more on the way.  

   Just contact me at harmonyfellowship@att.net with the subject Connect so we can arrange a time and place to gather…individually.  Also, there are dozens of past talks on this website. Much love, Dana


     It seems that the Universe has pushed the reset button on our world and is shutting all of us down so that we can do some much needed reflecting.  For Harmony Fellowship it has shown up as the cancellation of our Sunday gatherings, now through the end of April, due to the closing of the Shrewsbury Community Center.  But let’s continue to gather in spirit and visualize ourselves at the end this sacred retreat, once again hugging and laughing, and breathing easy knowing that we have all been moved along on our journey from a feeling of victimhood to true empowerment.  We are learning to access and use the power of Love to heal ourselves and our world. We are being coaxed into recognizing that we are in this physical experience together, at this particular time, for a reason. And that reason is being revealed.

     Some used fear to create a sense of separation throughout the world telling the story of how important it was to keep others that were “different” out because they have and would continue to cause us harm.  Fear spread like a virus and here we are, what was once a thought, is now a thing. And that is how it always works. Thoughts can take us to scary places and thoughts can carry us out to safety.

     Let us all access our spiritual immunity to the appearance of illness with an injection of Truth. It is all God, that pure creative, loving energy, that we are always shaping with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Let us reset our sense of well-being by using this time to inject new thoughts of love into the world and recognize the feeling of safety that immediately occurs when we choose to move into alignment with our own divine nature. Let us rest and renew, lighten up, go within, reconnect, journal, learn something new, spend time in nature, watch spring come in, plan for something you’ve always wanted to do, visualize yourself doing it, emotionally connect with others, move your strong, resilient body, sit in gratitude and recognize that you are so loved and so good.  And so it is.

Concert-July 10! 
Shrewsbury Community Center
Tim Mead, Matt Roland, Bridgette Kossor and friends
 perform the best of their best!
All-You-Can-Eat Fish Buffet and Concert - only $25!  BYOB
Doors open and dinner served at 6:30
Bring a side dish or dessert to share
Call Mark Weiss at 314-580-0420 for reservation information

Feed My People and Other Food Pantries

 Personal Items Needed: 
Toilet Paper, Toothpaste, Tooth Brushes, Shampoo, Conditioner,
Body Soap, Lotion, Deodorant, Hand Soap, Paper Towels, Shaving Cream, 
Dish Detergent, Fans/Blankets, Diapers (Baby & Adult)

Food Items Needed:
Food containing protein like canned chicken, tuna, ravioli, stews, chili, soups,
 beans, nut butters, protein bars, etc.

Children are always welcome at our services. 
We also have a toys and books and a lovely living room with baby monitors.  

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