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Harmony Fellowship - Harmonizing Mind, Body, Spirit
     Connecting the dots.  That is where we are on this spiritual path.  Paying attention to what is going on in our lives and seeing the correlation between our thoughts, beliefs and feelings and our individual and collective experiences.  There is an "I AM", a creator, living and having Its being within each of us and when we wake up to this truth we will see that things are not so out-of-control or haphazard or coincidental in our world but are instead a result of everything we have brought to the table through our minds. 
        It is amazing how often we will receive a call from someone we've not spoken to in many years shortly after we've thought of them.  Or how when we will feel especially grateful for all the things in our lives that we find wonderful new situations flowing effortlessly toward us.  Or how we seem to attract the very thing that we feared and thought about the most and say to others, "See I told you that would happen."   Or how our wildest dream seems to show up offering itself to us from out of the  blue.  But the amazing thing is not that these things happen but instead that we continue to relegate their occurrence to mere coincidences or flukes.   There is another explanation of why these things happen and Wallace D. Wattles'(1860 - 1911) words provide some  clarity.   He explains that our experiences are waking us up to the truth of who we are because we have a role to play in creating a new paradigm.  He tells us, "You are to become a creator, not a competitor; you are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it every other man will have more than he has now."
       When we begin to awaken to this powerful truth we will truly understand the gift of free will.  We will understand that we are not living in a predestined world or a world of mere coincidences but that we are co-creating with the creative force that gives us life.  We will understand that we are all connected and what affects one affects the whole.  Who is waking up?  Our personalities are waking up to the God within each and every one of us.  We are connecting the dots between what is going on in our minds and our world, the microcosm and the macrocosm, and realizing that they are one and the same.  Racism in our own hearts shows up around the globe.  Impoverished minds and a belief in lack produces the illusion of poverty in our world.   We can no longer deny that people starving in our world is not because of a lack of food but instead from a withholding of food and resources.  Withholding is a choice, a thought, a decision.  Many of us engage daily in battles and debates defending our understanding of God, Allah, Christianity, Buddhism, New Thought, the Bible, the Koran, etc. resulting in families and friends torn apart over these differences...all the while religious wars play out in our world.  A belief in both good and evil manifest an illusion of both being real powers in our world and we have come to believe that struggles and wars between these two powers are inevitable. 
     But slowly we begin to connect the dots.  We begin to fully understand the great spiritual teachings.  What is going on within you is going to show up in your world.  As within, so it is without.  What you do to others you do to yourself.  Like a sleeping giant stirring from a dream, the collective consciousness of the world is awakening.  
    Due to a lack of understanding and ownership of the truth of who we are, we believed that we needed to compete with one another, be right, insist upon our way as the better way, have more things, etc.  For years many of us have been fixated by the headlines and mesmerized by the explanations of the "experts" allowing our minds to take it all in like we are observing a car accident, slowing down to take in all of the details but being glad that we are not involved.
     But as we collectively shake off the drowsiness of our deep sleep we see that our dreams have been creating our realities and we are involved, very involved.  We open our spiritual eyes and see that we have come here for a purpose and that purpose is unfolding.  We remember that we said we were not happy with the ways things were in the world and we wanted change.  But we thought these were just words that went into the void.  In the past we thought that by being anti-war we could create peace.  We thought that by being against something we would produce its opposite.  But we are connecting the dots.  We are realizing that whatever we focus our attention on we are bringing more of that into our experience and if we want something else that we need to see that new picture in our mind's eye.  At first this is very challenging because we are in the habit of looking at what we don't want and talking about what we don't want and reading about what we don't want.  Now we are starting to realize that by doing that we were stoking the fires of the very things we didn't desire.  We are creative energy and that energy can only go where it is directed and create only what it sees in our mind's eye. 
     We said we wanted a better world, a world that worked for all.  We wanted change.  We thought these were just words, we thought we were merely dreamers to hold such a thought but now we see our world going through a huge upheaval and changes taking place everywhere.  The truth is that we are finally waking up and remembering that we asked for this and it is coming into being.  We are beginning to grasp that our world can be as wonderful as we can imagine it.  We are beginning to truly understand that there is a creative force within us that is projecting into our individual lives and the world at large all of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Whatever we can imagine, whatever we can see in our mind's eye, can come into our experience.  But we are being called to create that picture because it has never been here before.  We have to create a model.  Peace is a concept not a model.  We need to fill in the picture with new thoughts, feelings and an unwavering belief that anything is possible for the God within.  Imagine what it feels like to move around in this new paradigm. This year let us boldly imagine a new beginning, let us connect the dots between our thoughts and the God within.  Let us stand close to that One and step forward into the future knowing that something very powerful is moving with us every step of the way.  Let us tear our minds away from what we no longer want, let us break the habit of negative mental chatter and instead focus our attention on what we do want.  Let us dream big.  If the skeptic within raises its head to tell us that we are unrealistic dreamers, pollyannas, etc. let us remember the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.  that begin, "I have a dream..."  Let us wake up together knowing that indeed our dreams do come true. 
"Cherish your dreams,
as they are the children of your soul,
the blueprints of your ultimate achievements."
-Napoleon Hill