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                  Moving From Formulas
 God Consciousness
   So many people get snagged on their spiritual journey reading what the gurus tell them they should do or say to manifest their desires.  There is a plethora of workshops, books, seminars and more claiming that if you partake in their wisdom your life will completely change.  Everybody seems to want to change their life so the market is huge.
    Many people that sign up for these courses or purchase these books do have some aha! moments and often say that they noticed some change in their life but they either want more or feel that they cannot maintain or duplicate the successes that these authors and teachers experienced.  So they go in search of the next guru or the next workshop.  Some do this to such an extent that they are referred to as spiritual vagabonds.  They truly are searching for the answers, the formulas, so they try a little of this and a little of that.  They mix all of the teachings together and apply them even though some of them are contradictory.  
     One example would be the person in an abusive relationship that believes that love conquers all so they make affirmations over and over about love healing the relationship and decide to stay.  They turn the other cheek so many times that they may end up in the hospital and at the same time continue to beat up on themselves for not being able to manifest a different outcome.  Another example would be the person that is not feeling well and feels guilty if they go to a doctor.  They feel that if they really applied the teachings that they acquired that they should be able to beat this thing themselves with powerful affirmations.  Instead of things getting better in these two examples, people often find that the symptoms or condition gets worse.
    Consider for a moment that this is on purpose.  Consider that there is a teacher within you that has all of the information that you need "hot off the press", especially made for your inner ear.  Consider that it is whispering in that ear and encouraging you to love yourself, to go within for guidance.  Perhaps it is telling you that love does conquer all but that love must first apply to you.  Being in an abusive relationship is not being loving to yourself.  So right out of the gate any affirmation involving love while staying in an abusive relationship is going to negate itself.  Consider that the lack of improvement in the relationship is moving you out the door and toward the good that has always been there waiting for you whenever you decided to choose loving yourself.   For the person that feels like a failure for going to a doctor perhaps the inner teacher is explaining that you have forgotten that God is within everyone including the doctor.  You have not stepped away from God but instead have placed yourself in the hands of God.  Perhaps it is saying be gentle with yourself, someday you will get to a new way of manifesting but for now this is where you are and I am here also.                                         
     Perhaps the inner teacher is whispering that the real formula is built within you, for you.  Staying in situations that lower your feelings can only produce like experiences.  So when we beat up on ourselves for not "getting it" or allow others to beat up on us, our vibration, our joy factor goes way down and experiences that match that level of feeling come in.  Using gratitude we can turn that around in minutes.  When we go within, we connect with the truth of who we are and when we do this we notice our feelings beginning to soar.  In that state of being, in that God Consciousness, no affirmations or formulas are necessary.  With raised vibrations we automatically connect with and attract like people and experiences.  Appreciation of our own truth, gratitude for the discovery of this constant companion within us, this loving universal teacher that speaks uniquely and intimately with us, is all that we need.   Reading the words of others and attending their seminars can make our discovery more real in our own lives but someone else's experience should never be a substitution for our own connection.  Tuned into our inner guide we can make use of a wonderful tool called spiritual discernment  to decide what information that others have received rings true for us.  Learning about the experiences of others is a wonderful way to round out our thinking and integrate our truth into our lives.  As we grow we begin to realize it was never about the formulas it was always about the inner connection; it was always about gaining a God awareness, a God Consciousness.  It was always about connecting with our constant loving companion.
Much love,