Harmony Fellowship - Weddings and Ceremonies - Crestwood, MO
Harmony Fellowship - Harmonizing Mind, Body, Spirit
           Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, ... can be performed at a venue of your choice or at the intimate Garden of Life Spiritual Center.
  We know that concerns often arise due to the differing religious back-grounds and beliefs of those that will be attending your ceremony.  
Harmony Fellowship respects all faiths and is able to select quotes from the many spiritual teachers and religious leaders to help bridge the gap.  

   Truth is not contained within a particular dogma but lives within the hearts and minds of all of us.  The universal message of love can be found in all faiths.  Adding this message and referring to a messenger that the attendants can relate to allows everyone to reach a common ground and join in a meaningful and memorable experience.
Call  Rev. Dana Winter 314-378-4563

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