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About Us

     Harmony Fellowship was established in March of 2008 by Rev. Dana Winter, a Divine Science/New Thought minister. The individuals that attend are from various religious backgrounds. The common denominator of those that gather is that they recognize and take responsibility for the fact that their thoughts are things that impact our immediate world and have a ripple effect on the whole world. We believe that we already have everything we need within us awaiting our recognition. We understand that our spiritual growth is not a destination but instead is an ongoing expansion of our consciousness.


     It is the commitment of Harmony Fellowship to provide an atmosphere where all questions can be asked. We are aware that many people due to their religious upbringing were unable to truly explore their own spiritual nature. Those who come here are from a wide range of backgrounds but share the common desire to experience wholeness by integrating mind, body and spirit beyond the dogma of a particular religion.

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